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The system pyridine - hydrogen chloride as an acid medium Mitchner, Hyman


Pyridine salts were investigated as acids in the pyridine system. The mono and the dihydrochloride salts were found to be the best dissolving reagents for the metals and the sulphides used. Pyridine hydrochloride was most effective in the molten state, whereas pyridine dihydrochloride was found to be quite reactive at room temperature when dissolved in a chloroform solution. Side reactions were investigated and were found to occur only with Mg, Al, and Zn with molten pyridinium chloride. The complex salts, (C₅H₅N.H)₂[MnCl₅]C₅H₅N and (C₅H₅N.H)HgCl₄ were isolated and investigated.

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