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The effect of a magnetic field on chemical reactions Collins, Sonia


(1) Equipment was constructed and calibrated for the purpose of studying the effect of a magnetic field on chemical reactions. (2) The effect of a magnetic field on the decomposition of benzoyl peroxide -was investigated. No effect of a magnetic field of 12000 gauss was detected. (3) The catalyzed and uncatalyzed polymerization of styrene at 80°C. was found to be unaffected by a magnetic field of 12000 gauss. The absence of an effect in the uncatalyzed polymerization of styrene is in marked disagreement with the results reported by Schmid et al. It was concluded that the results reported by these authors are in error. (4) A preliminary investigation of hydrogen peroxide decomposition in a magnetic field was undertaken. No conclusive evidence for field effect was obtained as the rate of this reaction is very dependent on surface effect and extremely small amounts of catalytic impurities. (5) A possible explanation for the absence of a field effect in free radical reactions was suggested.

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