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A proposed study of the cyclopentadienyl anion using carbon-14 as a tracer Tkachuk, Russell


It is thought that some information about the bond structure in the cyclopentadienyl anion can be provided by synthesizing cyclopentadiene-5-C¹⁴, making the cyclopentadienyl anion (as the potassium salt), and degrading the cyclopentadiene regenerated from this anion for the determination of the distribution of carbon-14: [Formula omitted]A method for the synthesis of cyclopentadiene, starting from formaldehyde, has been shown. The potassium cyclopentadienyl salt was then made. The cyclopentadiene regenerated from this salt was completely degraded. Repetition of this work, using formaldehyde-C¹⁴ would give the desired cyclopentadiene-5-C¹⁴, etc. Using carbon-14, the precursor to cyclopentadiene-5-C¹⁴ was made, but the synthesis of cyclopentadiene-5-C¹⁴ could not be carried out in the available time.

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