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A study of stress relaxation phenomena in linear polymers at low temperatures Rye, Robin Tilley Brooke


Stress relaxation experiments have been carried out on single filaments of nylon, viscose rayon and acetate rayon over the temperature range 0°C. to -80°C. Similar experiments were also performed on viscose rayon yarns immersed in water at 35°C. In these latter experiments, a marked change in the shape of the stress relaxation curve was noted as the strain was decreased. At strains of the order of 0.05% the relaxation curve had the shape characteristic of a single Newtonian Maxwell element, while the curve obtained at higher elongations could not be explained in terms of a single such element. It was concluded that the flow process involved was non-Newtonian in character. The low temperature results, as well as those obtained previously by Price (20) are discussed In terms of Eyring's hyperbolic tangent equation for describing stress relaxation.

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