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In vitro carcinogen-protein complex formation Wallick, Carole Ann


Attempts have been made to form "in vitro" carcinogen-protein and carcinogen-amino acid complexes by various oxidative processes. Irradiation, chemical oxidation, and a combination of the two have proved unsuccessful. A new method, based upon chromatographic separation, has been developed for the detection of complex formation. Applicability of the procedure was Investigated using a hydrocarbon-amino acid conjugate and"in vivo" formed 3,4-benzpyrene-epidermal protein complex. Complex formation of 3,4-benzpyrene with several purines and nucleic acids was detected in this way. A series of hydrocarbons - both carcinogenic and non - carcinogenic - was substituted for 3,4-benzpyrene, but no correlation between carcinogenic activity and complex formation of the hydrocarbons could be found. In view of the difficulties encountered with "in vitro" complex formation, it was suggested that further investigations be made on the "in vivo" complex. Chromatographic separation of the "in vivo" complex and determination of the fragments after partial hydrolysis looks promising.

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