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The determination and occurrence of aluminum in sea water. Platford, Robert Frederick


A method was developed for the determination of aluminum in sea water using oxine as a reagent. Extraction of aluminum oxinate by chloroform from acidic solution was impeded by the presence of fluoride in sea water. The fluoride Interference was less severe in basic solution and it was possible to extract aluminum oxinate from sea water at a pH of 8 with no loss of sensitivity due to the presence of fluoride. Iron and copper were complexed with cyanide in reducing solution and manganese oxinate was removed by extracting it from the chloroform into an aqueous acidic solution. Other interfering ions in sea water were present in amounts too small to be significant. The absorbancy of the aluminum oxinate complex was measured at 395 mμ and compared with a calibration curve. The aluminum concentration in sea water ranged from 2-42 μg./l. Values for coastal water were higher than for oceanic water.

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