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Some studies on the dynamic mechanical properties of synthetic egg albumin and acetate rayon fibers McIntyre, Alan David


The dynamic mechanical properties of egg albumin and acetate rayon fibers have been discussed in terms of the theories of Tobolsky, Dunell and Andrews and Kuhn, Kunzle and Preissman. The dependence of these properties on relative humidity has been determined for a series of relative humidities from 27 to 82% RH. The variation of the energy loss factor, ωη(ω) with relative humidity is in agreement with the present theories of dynamic properties; an increase in this factor with increased relative humidity. Less success has been attained in the correlation of the dependence of the dynamic modulus on relative humidity. It has been found that E[subscript dyn] of acetate is independent of relative humidity at low humidities, in agreement with the theory but is abnormally high at higher relative humidities. For the albumin fibers, it has been found that E[subscript dyn] decreases with increase in relative humidity. These latter effects are inexplicable in terms of the present theories. The effects of orientation on ωη(ω) of albumin fibers has been found; a decrease in the energy loss factor with increased orientation. The decrease in dynamic modulus with orientation disagrees with the result expected on the basis of the present theories of polymer systems.

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