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The metabolism of carbon¹⁴- labelled urea Wright, William Douglas


Urea, labelled with carbon¹⁴, was synthesized and administered to rats by intraperitoneal injection. The excretion of carbon¹⁴ was followed by analysing the urine, feces and expired air quantitatively for radioactivity at various times after injection, and the distribution of the isotope was studied by analysis of organs, blood and carcass. A portion of the injected urea was rapidly metabolised, approximately 30 percent of the isotope being excreted in the expired air after 12 hours. The highest output of C¹⁴O₂ occurred during the second hour after injection. The majority of the remaining isotope was excreted in the urine as urea. After three hours only a small percentage of the injected carbon¹⁴ was present in the kidney, liver, and blood largely in the form of urea. After 48 hours, approximately five percent of the carbon¹⁴ injected as urea remained in the carcass and appeared to be fixed in the tissues.

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