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Radiochemical studies of cobalt carbonyl hydride derivatives Day, Alison E.


1. The compound [Co(CO)₄]₂ [Co(phth)₃] was prepared by a previously described method (15). It was found to be unstable in the dry state and in solution in various organic solvents. 2. The solubility of the compound in various organic compounds was determined. 3. Conductance measurements in benzaldehyde and acetophenone were made. The molar conductances obtained indicate that the compound is a true salt. 4. Transference measurements were made in an acetone solution. The concentrations were determined by making one or other of the cobalt atoms active. The results obtained are probably invalid because of exchange between the two cobalt atoms. 5. Exchange between the two cobalt atoms in [Co(CO)₄]₂ [Co(phth)₃] was studied, and no exchange was found under the conditions of the experiment. 6. The exchange between active, cobalt (11) ions and the cobalt phenanthrolene complex ion was studied. The exchange was found to be very rapid, reaching an equilibrium in a few minutes. 7. The exchange between active, cobalt metal and dicobalt octacarbonyl was studied, no exchange being found.

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