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The pyridine denitration of mannitol hexanitrate Brown, James Bay


The products of the reaction of excess anhydrous pyridine with D-mannitol hexanitrate at 30°C. have been analysed and five of the major components identified. A gas consisting of nitric oxide, nitrous oxide and nitrogen was evolved and D-mannitol-1,2,4,5,6-pentanitrate and pyridinium nitrate were recovered from the reaction mixture. Twelve other non-nitrogenous unidentified components were detected in the reaction mixture by paper-partition chromatography. Establishment of a nitrogen balance for the reaction indicated that complete removal of nitrogen from about 2 moles of pyridine and from about 0.25 moles of the hexanitrate occured during the formation of 0.75 moles of mannitol pentanitrate.

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