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Part I - Studies in the microanalysis of gases. Part II - The chemisorption of water by an activated carbon Constabaris, George


I. In a special form of micro gas analysis apparatus the following methods may be used to obtain quantitative separations. Carbon dioxide can be removed at 70°C. by absorption in a mixture of sodium, potassium, and lithium hydroxides. Hydrogen, in the presence of carbon monoxide and methane, can be removed by diffusion through a palladium tube at 325°C; no irregularities occur at this temperature. Carbon monoxide is quantiatively oxidized by a mixture of silver oxide and hopcalite at room temperature. Acetylene is removed by condensation in liquid air. II. The surface of an activated carbon may be oxidized by water at room temperature. The reaction produces at least 1.92 micromols of hydrogen per gram of carbon. An equilibrium is established between the hydrogen, water, and the surface complex, after relatively long periods of time. The nature of the complex is not indicated.

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