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New species of nickel (II) salicylaldimine complexes O'Brien, Ross Joseph


Two new forms of bis-N-methyl-salicyladimine nickel (II) were prepared. The first is a paramagnetic species isolated from chloroform solution at -76°C. The second species is an orthorhombic diamagnetic modification obtained from hot alcohol, and also upon warming the low temperature form. A new paramagnetic species was obtained from bis-N-methyl-5-chlorosalicylaldimine nickel (II) upon heating to l65°C. This complex is paramagnetic (2.90 B.M.) with a Weiss constant of 60°. Two other compounds were prepared containing both salicylaldehyde and N-methyl salicylaldimine. An apparatus to measure magnetic susceptibilities over a temperature range of -170°C to 200°C is described. It is essentially the apparatus recently published by Figgis and Nyholm, but some important modifications are reported.

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