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I. The temperature coefficient of the - band of formaldehyde. II. The nature of hydrogen-bonding. Cohen, Abraham David


PART ONE The long wave spectrum of formaldehyde vapour was observed at various temperatures. From this work it was shown that: 1. ) the α-band at 3703Å is a hot band probably arising from a lower state involving the coriolus coupled normal modes of vibration ν₅ = 1 and ν₆ = 1. 2. ) a series of bands designated as the B-bands originate from monomeric formaldehyde vapour and are probably due to a ³π ← n electronic transition. PART TWO The high resolution proton magnetic resonance spectra of hydroxyl hydrogen bonding systems and aldehydes were investigated. From this work it was shown that the forces responsible for hydrogen bonding are mainly electrostatic in nature and that the large magnitude of these forces is probably due to mutual polarization occurring in the molecular aggregates.

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