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An ion exchange separation of the rare earths from naturally occurring materials with a view to the isolation of element number 61. Perkins, Harold Jackson


The extraction of the Rare Earths from two kilograms of Lindsay Light and Chemical Company's "monazite residues" (hydrated Rare Earth oxides), from two kilograms of Norwegian gadolinite, and from five kilograms of Lindsay's "didymium carbonate" (Code 411) gave a mixture of Rare Earths which, after purification, fractional crystallisation as the double magnesium nitrates and ion exchange separation, showed some evidence for the existence of naturally occurring element number 610. This evidence took the form of unexplained lines in the arc spectra, anomalous absorption bands, aid an unexplained peak in the elution curve obtained from the ion exchange work. The evidence presented is far from conclusive and the suggestion is made that further research along these lines be carried out.

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