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An infrared study of D₂O and H₂O inert matrices Shurvell, Herbert F.


Infrared spectra of and H₂O and D₂O trapped in solid argon, krypton and nitrogen have been obtained at 4°K. In addition, spectra have been recorded of D₂O in carbon tetrachloride and ammonia matrices at 77°K, and of a dilute solution of D₂O in carbon tetrachloride at 25°C. Dilution studies involving changing the matrix to water ratio from 50 to 500 have been carried out with D₂O in argon at 4°K. Changes in the spectra of D₂O and H₂O in argon, krypton and nitrogen matrices during warm-up have been observed. The dilution and warm-up studies have made it possible to assign certain peaks to monomer, low polymer and higher polymers. The complex spectra of H₂O and D₂O in argon, krypton and nitrogen at liquid helium temperatures are discussed, and previous simple explanations involving molecular association, rotation and multiple trapping sites advanced by other workers are shown to be inadequate. Consideration is given to the isotope effect and interactions with the matrix in an attempt to account for the observed spectra.

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