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A study of the organic matter in sea water Papafingos, Pandelis Nicolas


During the present work, we studied the organic matter in British Columbia sea waters. A carbohydrate substance was found with the characteristics of a uronic acid. The approach was made in two ways: (1) By applying spectrophotometrically the phenol sulfuric acid test for the determination of sugars and related substances, as described by M. Dubois, K.A. Gilles, J.K. Hamilton, P.A. Rebers and F. Smith (11) directly to sea water without previous separation of sea water constituents, and (2), by applying this same phenol sulfuric acid test with previous separation of the constituents found in sea water, by making use of deionization, charcoal column separations, adsorption, solvent extraction and paper chromatography. In the case of the spectrophotometry study of the phenol sulfuric acid test applied directly to sea water, the possible interference of a certain number of constituents was also studied. Furthermore, solvent extraction and paper chromatography showed the presence of 3 waxes in sea water. One of those had the same melting point, 11 C, as a wax reported by Dr. Swain from Bute Inlet, where it is found in quantity. We also found two other waxes, one melting at 61 C, and the other, because of its minute quantity, was obtainable only in the chromatogram and no melting point value was possible.

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