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Magnetic and spectral studies of some polynuclear carboxylates of copper (11) Lin, Yun-Chi


Magnetic susceptibility studies over the temperature range 87-330°K, on sixteen complexes of copper (11) are reported. The compounds are conveniently divided into two groups. Group I compounds (copper (11) benzoate and its monopyridine adduct, copper (11) meta-chlorobenzoate and its monopyridine and mono-p-dioxane adducts and the monopyridine and hemipyridine adducts of copper (11) para-chlorobenzoate ) possess magnetic properties expected for a binuclear system and values of the exchange integrals have been calculated, for these compounds. The group 11 compounds (the dipyrldlne adducts and the basic salts of copper (ll) benzoate, copper (11) ortho-, meta- and para-chlorobenzoate ) exhibit only weak magnetic interaction --- their magnetic susceptibilities obeying the Curie-Weiss law with small Weiss constants --- and they are considered to have polymeric structures. Copper (11) para-chlorobenzoate exhibits properties intermediate between the group I and 11 compounds. Confirmatory evidence for assigning binuclear structures to the group I compounds has been obtained from the presence, in the spectra of the group I compounds, of a band at about 400 mμ which is absent from the spectra of the group 11 compounds. Infrared spectra are reported for all the compounds studied and a partial assignment has been made.

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