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Part I. Bromination studies in steroidal sapogenins & part II. Chemical investigations of diphlorynchus mossambicensis Husain, Ishrat


[Part I] Desoxytigogenin was prepared by oxidation followed by Wolff-Kishner reduction of tigogenin. A number of methods were employed to open the side chain of desoxytigogenin to the corresponding dihydrodesoxytigogenin. Oxidation of dihydrodes-oxytigogenin yielded the corresponding C₂₆ aldehyde, which was isolated in pure form and characterised unambiguously. Bromination studies under varying conditions have been made on this aldehyde but the results have not been completed as yet. [Part II] The ground material from the bark of Diphlorynchus Mossambicensis was extracted with methanol, and methanol soluble concentrate was obtained. In addition a green gummy material, sparingly soluble in methanol, was obtained. The methanol concentrate was separated into acid, basic and neutral fractions and preliminary chemical investigations were made on these fractions. Two crystalline substances of empirical formulas C₃₀₋₃₅H₄₄₋₅₄O₂ and C₃₇₋₃₈H₅₂₋₅₆O₂ have been isolated, separated and purified from the green gummy material. Spectral and analytical data have been collected and a few chemical reactions have been made on these two compounds.

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