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Photoelectron spectroscopic studies of some polyatomic molecules Sandhu, Jagjit Singh


The 584 Å photoelectron spectra from eight polyatomic molecules (CH₃I, CH₃Cl, CH₃Br, CH₃CHO, CH₃COCH₃, SF₆, CH₃CN and C₂H₅CN) are described and shown to give all the ionization potentials less than 21.21 eV in each case. The results are interpreted in terms of the electronic structures of these molecules as given by molecular orbital theory. They are compared with results from other sources, and agreements and differences explained. A brief account of other existing methods used for the determination of ionization potentials with their advantages and disadvantages is given. The major components of the instruments are briefly discussed, and use of a Single-Grid Photoelectron Spectrometer in the detection of fine structure in the photoelectron spectra is pointed out.

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