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Fluorides of palladium Quail, John Wilson


The preparation and reactions of simple and complex fluorides of palladium and gold using fluoride solvents have been studied. Two new compounds, fluoselenonium hexafluopalladate (IV) and fluoselenonium tetrafluoaurate (III), have been prepared. Both are acids in the selenium tetrafluoride solvent system. Fluoselenonium hexafluopalladate (IV) reacts with a base, potassium pentafluoselenate (IV), to form a salt, potassium hexafluopalladate (IV) which crystallizes in a trigonal modification, a = 5.717 ± .003 Å, c = 4.667 ± .003 Å . Pure palladium difluoride has been produced in two reactions. These reactions are: (1) the thermal decomposition of fluoselenonium hexafluopalladate (IV), and (2) the reduction of palladium trifluoride with selenium tetrafluoride. The magnetic moment of the bromine trifluoride adduct of palladium trifluoride has been measured and found to be 2.2 B.M. Evidence is presented for the existence of a potassium salt of the trifluopalladate (II) ion. It has not been possible to prepare complex fluorides of terpositive palladium in selenium tetrafluoride solution.

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