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Electron spin resonance spectra of some gaseous free radicals Ferraro, William Charles


The products from a gaseous r.f. electric discharge in ammonia have been studied using electron spin resonance spectroscopy. A paramagnetic species from the discharge was detected and the results were consistent with it being the imine (NH) free radical. The E.S.R. Spectrum fitted the theoretical treatment and was similar to that observed for NH in a frozen matrix. No other radicals could be detected in the discharge except for the atomic species. The low pressure gas phase E.S.R. spectrum of (formula omitted) was also studied. The results showed that at low pressures the spectrum becomes exceedingly complex. A partial assignment of lines was made from the results of a simplified treatment of the theory. The work served a further purpose in developing experimental techniques for the study of unstable free radical species in the gas phase.

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