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The kinetics and spectroscopy of the recombination of chlorine atoms in a low pressure flow system Bader, Laurence Wayne


The kinetics of the recombination of chlorine atoms has been studied in a fast flow system in the pressure range 0.2 to 2.0 mm Hg. The gas phase recombination was found to follow the reaction CI + CI + M→C1₂ + M (1) with (formula omitted). Rate constants were determined for He and C1₂ as third bodies in the reaction where k₁C1₂ = 2.45 x 10¹⁶cm⁶moles⁻²sec⁻¹ and k₁He = 0.3x l0¹⁶cm⁶moles⁻²sec ⁻¹ Concurrent with this reaction was a surface recombination which may be written C1 + wall → ½C1₂ + wall (26) having a surface recombination coefficient ɤ = 6.81 x 10⁻⁵, calculated from k₂₆ = 3.9 sec⁻¹. No low pressure change in the kinetic order could be detected under the experimental conditions used. The emission accompanying the recombination was found to be a band spectrum of a (formula omitted) transition. The emission decayed according to the relation (formula omitted) indicating that the (formula omitted) state is formed in some atom recombination process.

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