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The structure and vibrational spectrum of succinimide Fischer, Peter Hans Herman


Due to the many crystallographic and spectroscopic anomalies found in investigations of amides, polyamides, and imides, succinimide suggested itself as an interesting compound for spectral investigations. The spectrum of solid succinimide ( KBr pellet ) was recorded in the range 4000 - 250 cm⁻¹, whereas the spectra of vapour, single crystal, and solutions of succinimide in a variety of solvents and at varying concentrations, were obtained in the region 4000 - 250 cm⁻¹. For the recording of vapour spectra, and for the growth of thin sections of single crystals, special apparatus and techniques were devised and are described in detail. N - d - succinimide, N - h - succinimide - d₄, N - d succinimide - d₄, and various related compounds were also investigated. The absorption bands of succinimide have been assigned by comparison with spectra of related compounds and by studying association phenomena and isotope substitution effects. An PG matrix treatment has been undertaken and agreement between calculated and observed frequencies is good when only a minimum number of interaction constants are employed. The anomalous behaviour of succinimide in the Amide II and Amide III regions has been explained by the assumption of a dimer, as has the 3080 cm⁻¹ band. Solution studies indicate that the dimer exist even in moderately concentrated solution.

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