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Studies of difluorophosphoric acid and its alkali metal salts Reed, William


Difluorophosphoric acid was purified by a double distillation technique. Alkali metal difluorophosphates were prepared by reaction of the metal chlorides with purified difluorophosphoric acid; x-ray powder photographs and infra-red spectra of the salts were obtained. Electrical conductivity measurements were made on solutions of the alkali metal difluorophosphates in difluorophosphoric acid as solvent. The order of mobility of the alkali metal cations in this solvent was found to be Li>Na>K>Rb>Cs. Results indicate that the difluorophosphate ion does not conduct by a proton transfer process in this solvent. Conductimetric studies on solutions of a number of other compounds in difluorophosphoric acid are also reported.

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