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Some reactions of chlorodimethylarsine and dimethylarsine Dawson, David S.


Chlorodimethylarsine is found to add across the triple bond of hexafluorobut-2-yne, forming 2- chloro-3-dimethy l-arsinohexafluorobut-2-ene. Arsenic trichloride, dichloro-methylarsine and chlorodiphenylarsine do not react, while chloromethylphenylarsine reacts with great difficulty. Similarly, bls(trifluoromethyl)arsine and methylphenylarsine form adducts with the butyne. These reactions are discussed and related to electron availability. The hydrolysis, bromination and chlorination of the adduct (CH₃)₂AsC(CF₃)=CC1CF₃ are described. The reaction of dimethylarsine with dichloromethylaraine is discussed, and a reaction path suggested. Dimethylarsine is found to react with trifluoroacetic acid, its anhydride, and acyl chloride, but the products were not all identified. Perfluorocyclobutene reacts with dimethylarsinomagneslum bromide to give dimethylperfluorocyclobut-1-enylarsine. The cyclobutene does not react with chlorodimethylarsine.

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