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Infrared spectroscopic studies of some organotin (IV) and organoantimony (V) derivatives Goel, Ram Gopal


Triphenyl-, trimethyl- and dimethyltin(IV), and trimethylantimony(V) derivatives of a wide variety of acids, including those of very strong acids, as well as derivatives of a transition metal oxyanion, were synthesized. Their structural characteristics in the solid state, under strictly anhydrous conditions, were determined from their infrared spectra. These spectroscopic results can only be interpreted in terms of a very strong interaction between the organometal group and the corresponding anionic group, and provide strong evidence for coordination or partial covalent bonding between the organometal group and the anionic group. Contrary to earlier reports, no evidence is found for the existence of free R₃Sn⁺ , R2Sn²⁺ or R₃Sb²⁺ cations in the solid state.

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