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Some reactions of singlet delta oxygen Kubo, Masayoshi


In Part I of this work, the decay of O₂(¹Δg) was studied at room temperature in the flow system in the absence of oxygen atoms. The decay of O₂(¹Δg) was classified into first and second order decay with respect to O₂(¹Δg). The rate constant of the main first order decay with respect to O₂(¹Δg), which is considered to be caused by collisions of O₂(¹Δg) with wall of the reaction tube, was found to be 0.25 sec. The total second order decay constant was found to be 2.9 x 10⁴ 1/ mole sec. In Part II the reactions of excited oxygen molecules with some olefins were investigated. 2,3-Dimethyl-3-hydroperoxybutene-1 was identified as the product of the reaction of excited oxygen molecules with 2,3-dimethylbutene-2, 3-Methyl hydroperoxybutene-1 and 2-methyl-3hydro-peroxybutene-1 were produced by the reaction of excited oxygen molecule with 2-methylbutene-2. The decay of O₂(¹Δg) with 2,3-dimethylbutene-2 was also studied but the results could not be explained by any simple mechanism.

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