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Studies on the ferric chloride-graphite system Bartlett, Michael William


Isotherms of the ferric chloride-graphite system have been determined at 300°C, 310°C, and 350°C. It was found that C₇FeCl₃ is formed at all three temperatures, and in addition Cl₁₂FeCl₃ is formed at 350°C. C₇FeCl₃ has been isolated by preparing it in a bomb. Mossbauer studies on it showed that electron transfer is from graphite to iron chloride, and that all of the iron is in the same oxidation state. It has been shown that intercalated ferric chloride can be reduced to ferrous chloride by hydrogen at 375°C. Studies on graphite containing ferric chloride or chromyl chloride have shown that the threshold pressure for intercalation of Br₂, ICl, or CrO₂Cl₂ is higher than for pure graphite. It has been found that the uptake of chromyl chloride by graphite is dependent on the rate of pressure increase, and that in addition natural crystals of graphite vary in their reactivity with chromyl chloride.

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