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Coordination compounds of alkyl gallium hydrides Wiebe, Victor Graham


Although the organo hydride derivatives of boron and aluminum are well characterized, little work has been reported on the corresponding gallium systems. The present study was initiated to determine the relative stabilities and reactivity of organo gallium hydride derivatives as compared with the stabilities and reactions of the corresponding compounds of boron and aluminum. Various preparative routes to this new class of gallium compounds have been investigated. These include the use of organo-mercury, organo-lithium and lithium hydride derivatives in reactions with gallium hydride and gallium alkyl compounds and their halogen substituted derivatives: Me₃NGaH₃ + HgR₂ → Me₃NGaH₂R + 1/2Hg + 1/2H₂ Me₃NGaH₂Cl + LiR → Me₃NGaH₂R + LiCl Me₃NGaR₂Cl + LiH → Me₃NGaHR₂ + LiCl A fourth preparative method involves disproportionation reactions between gallium hydride compounds and organo gallium compounds to yield the mixed organo hydride derivatives. Alkyl-hydride disproportionation reactions were also examined using organo and hydride derivatives of different Group IIIB elements in order to obtain a better understanding of the exchange process. Both infrared and proton NMR spectroscopy have been used extensively in following the progress of these reactions and in the characterization of the products.

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