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Vibrational spectroscopic studies of some simple and mixed selenium (iv) oxy-halides and pseudohalides. Wilson, William W.


The infrared and polarized Raman spectra of SeOBr₂ as a solid, melt, and in solution have been obtained. The frequencies that were found are consistent with Cs symmetry and a pyramidal molecule. Ionic dissociation, like in other SeOX₂ compounds, is evidenced by electrical conductance measurements. SeOBr₂ can act both as a Lewis acid or base. For example, a salt with the composition KSeOBr₃ has been prepared from KBr and SeOBr₂. Ligand redistribution reactions of various SeOX₂ and SeOY₂ compounds, where X and Y are F, CI, Br, and SO₃F, were studied via vibrational spectroscopic and ¹⁹F nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. The presence of the mixed SeOXY compounds has been detected in all these systems basically in equilibrium with their parent compounds. None of the SeOXY compounds could be separated out of the mixtures.

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