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Negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy of cobalt tricarbonylnitrosyl Turner, Nicholas James


Photoelectron spectra are reported for the Co(CO)₃NO⁻ and Co(CO)₂NO⁻ anions produced from cobalt tricarbonylnitrosyl in a pulsed valve source. The 355 nm spectra were obtained at a calculated electronic kinetic energy resolution of 96 meV using a newly constructed fixed-frequency negative ion photoelectron spectrometer, which is described. Electron affinities of 1.72 (±0.03) eV for Co(CO)₃NO and 1.73 (±0.03) eV for Co(CO)₂NO are obtained. The photoelectron spectrum for Co(CO)₃NO⁻ is consistent with a geometry change from a linear Co-N-O group in the neutral molecule to a bent configuration in the corresponding negative ion.

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