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Platinum group metal complexes of pyridyl- and anilinyldiphosphine ligands Jones, Nathan David


This thesis describes the synthesis, structure, solution behaviour, reactivity and catalytic properties of a collection of platinum metal complexes coordinated by pyridyl- or anilinyldiphosphine ligands; the ligands have the general formula Ar₂P(Z)PAr₂ (for Ar = o-C₆H₄NMe₂, Z = CH₂ (dmapm), (CH₂)₂ (dmape), cyclic-C₅H₈ (dmapcp); for Ar = o-py, Z = (CH₂)₂ (dpype), cyclic-C₅H₈ (dpypcp); py = pyridyl). [the rest of the abstract can be found in the attached PDF file]

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