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The coordination chemistry of rhenium, group 13 and lanthanide metal complexes : towards new radiotherapeutic agents Kovacs, Michael S.


Complexes incorporating the [Re=0]³⁺ core have been synthesized with ligands containing the new methyl substituted phosphine/phenolate PO and PO₂ donor sets, (2- hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)diphenylphosphine (H(MePO)) and bis(2-hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)phenylphosphine (H₂ (Me₂PO₂)). Reaction of either mer-[ReOCl₃(PPh₃)₂] or [NH₄][ReO₄] in CH₃OH with H(MePO) led to formation of [ReOCl(MePO) ₂] (2.1) in good yield. Reaction of [NH₄][ReO₄] with H₂ (Me₂PO₂) in CH₃OH afforded [ReO(Me₂PO₂)(H(Me₂PO₂))] (2.2), also in good yield. X-ray crystallographic analyses of 2.1 and 2.2 demonstrated that both complexes are neutral and octahedral, and contain the oxo moiety. The two phosphorus donors are cis to one another in 2.1 and 2.2 with a phenol donor trans to the oxo moiety. 2.2 has a tridentate Me₂PO₂ ligand as well as a bidentate H(Me₂PO₂) ligand wherein one of the phenol donors is protonated and not bound to the metal centre. [the rest of the abstract can be found in the attached PDF file]

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