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Effect of atmospheric pressure ion lens on an electrospray ion source Yi, Rong


The effect of an atmospheric pressure ion lens on electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) was investigated. In Chapter 2, the voltage combinations applied to the spray and the ion lens were systematically studied, as well as the current-voltage relationship. The ion lens showed its ability to widen the range of operational spray voltages and improve signal intensity. Through the calculations in Chapter 3, the effect ofthe ion lens is demonstrated to include improving the electrospray process by changing the field strength and widening the operational spray voltage range, and increasing the transmission efficiency by focusing ions through the flattened equipotential lines. The experimental results in Chapter 2 were rationalized, and the hypotheses were verified. In Chapter 4, more experiments were carried out to show solvent dependence, nebulizer optimization, and fragmentation control for the characterization of ESI-MS. Future work was proposed to combine the ion lens with a multiple-spray ion source, where the ion lens has the potential to improve the sensitivity of the ion source, and to simultaneously introduce a mass calibrant to improve the mass accuracy of mass spectrometry.

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