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Small molecule activation by diamidophosphine complexes of vanadium, niobium and tantalum Shaver, Michael Patrick


A series of diamidophosphine ligand precursors, abbreviated [sup RR'][NPN]Li₂(S) (where [NPN] = (R'NSiMe₂CH₂)₂PR; R = Ph, Cy; R' = Ph, Mes, Me; S = THF, Et₂O, dioxane), were isolated in high yield. These ligands stabilize reactive complexes of the group five metals vanadium, niobium and tantalum. The sensitivity of these ligands to oxygen and water was illustrated by the reaction of [sup CyPh][NPN]Li₂(OEt₂) with H₂O to form [sup CyPh][NPN]Li₃)O. In this complex, two equivalents of [NPN] sandwich in situ formed Li₂O. [The rest of the abstract can be found in the attached PDF file]

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