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Laser Raman evidence for new universal cloverleaf structures for 5.8s RNA and 5s RNA Luoma, Gregory Allan


None of the many previously proposed secondary structures for eucaryotic 5S RNA and 5.8S RNA is consistent with all known physical properties and suspected functions of these molecules. The present Raman results for S. cerevisiae 5S RNA and 5.8S RNA require a highly ordered secondary structure. A new, highly stable "cloverleaf" secondary structure not only accounts for the Raman data, but also accomodates previously established physical and functional features. Homologous cloverleaf structures can be adapted to other 5S RNA and 5.8S RNA species including E. coli 5S RNA, again accounting for properties and functions of these molecules. The model is therefore universal for small RNA species, and provides useful insight into the evolutionary aspects of these molecules.

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