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Applications of new pulse NMR techniques in chemistry : two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy Sukumar, Subramaniam


The potential of three recently developed techniques, proton 2D J-. ¹³C- ¹H chemical shift correlation- and proton zero-quantum transition (ZQT)-spectroscopy, for resolving and assigning complex proton spectra has been evaluated. The main part of this work describes the features of proton 2D J spectroscopy and related experiments and includes discussions on the optimum methods for displaying the spectra and efficient methods for the processing of data. It is shown that phase-sensitive cross-sections offer a convenient and practical method for these purposes. Proton 2D J spectra can also provide effectively the equivalent of broad band homonuclear and hetero- nuclear decoupling, thus distinguishing between these different scalar couplings. Assignment techniques based on 2D NMR spectroscopy have many advantages over conventional assignment techniques such as double resonance. Thus, the combination of proton 2D J spectroscopy and ¹³C- ¹H shift correlation spectroscopy is a powerful tool for studying complex molecules. A preliminary study is described, in which ZQT (2D) spectroscopy is used to assign the proton spectrum of a model compound. A new method (spin-echo absorption spectroscopy) for obtaining high-resolution absorption mode proton spectra from biological samples is demonstrated, using some model systems, including a preliminary study on red-blood cells. This approach can be incorporated into a new concept, "integrated NMR experiments". Most of the discussions in this thesis are aimed towards practicing chemists who are interested in the analysis of complex organic molecules and in the efficient methods for performing 2D NMR experiments.

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