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A study on the use of ICP-OES for the determination of nonmetals in organic solution Hauser, Peter Christian


The application of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES) to the determination of total oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur in organic solution has been studied. Near-infrared emission lines of the three nonmetals have been used and detection limits in xylene have been established. Oxygen was determined for the first time by ICP-OES in a nongaseous sample. The characteristics of the inductively coupled plasma when used with an organic aerosol have been studied with respect to the completeness of atomization and potential interference from the complex excitation environment. Spatially resolved atomic and molecular emission profiles have been collected as part of these investigations. The nonmetal emission intensities were found to depend on the boiling point of the compounds containing the nonmetal because a redistribution effect in the nebulizer chamber was leading to an enrichment of volatile solutes in the aerosol stream to the plasma. Response factors for a series of compounds have been determined. The utility of the method was shown by establishing working curves and by testing certified standards for sulphur.

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