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Structural investigation of bacterial capsular polysaccharides Leek, Donald Morley


Eighty strains of Klebsiella bacteria have been isolated and serotyped according to their capsular polysaccharide antigens (K antigens). A number of research groups have taken part in an extensive program to determine the chemical structures of these polysaccharide antigens. As part of this continuing program, this thesis includes a structural investigation of the capsular polysaccharide of Klebsiella κ39 An acidic capsular polysaccharide was isolated from Klebsiella κ39 and a partial hydrolysis study was conducted. An acidic pentasaccharide was isolated from the hydrolysate and studied by ¹H- and ¹³C-n.m.r., mass spectrometry and methylation analyses. This oligosaccharide was assigned the following structure: [See thesis for equation]. The relationship of this oligosaccharide to the polysaccharide will be discussed with reference to n.m.r. and methylation analysis studies. Similar studies are being conducted to determine the structures of the E.coli capsular polysaccharide antigens. This thesis includes a preliminary study of E.coli κ26.

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