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Chromatographic determination of organotin compounds by using spectrophotometric and thermospray ionization mass spectrometric detection Nwata, Basil Ugwunna


An assay based on HPLC-UV, HPLC-GFAAS and HPLC-MS was developed for the chromatographic separation and characterization of organotin compounds in some marine invertebrates of British Columbia. To enable HPLC-UV detection, butyltin complexes of high extinction coefficients were synthesized, and their chromatographic behavior is described. This approach was abandoned because of the increase in instability of the derivatives. In the marine organisms studied, mainly bivalves, tributyltin and dibutyltin compounds were detected by HPLC-GFAAS. The presence of these compounds indicates that the maritime industry or the lumber industry is the major source of butyltin pollution in the areas sampled. Varying amounts of tributyltin compounds in the range 1.14-4.29 μg/mL as Sn (wet weight) and dibutyltin compounds in the range 0.81-4.62 μg/g as Sn (wet weight) were found in the tissues. The butyltin content of the shells of marine organisms was also examined. Varying amounts of tributyltin and dibutyltin compounds in the concentration range 6.60-115.60 μg/g as Sn and 5.20-49.40 μg/g as Sn respectively were detected by atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

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