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Trivalent metal complexes of 3-hydroxy-4-pyrone and 2-acyl-3-hydroxyfurans Lutz, Tammy


Group 13(IIIA) metal complexes (ML₃) of 1 -(3-hydroxy-2-furanyl)ethanone (Hima), 3-hydroxy-4H-pyran-4-one (Hpa), and a newly synthesized ligand 2-(N-methylamido)-3-hydroxy-5-methylfuran (Hahm) have been prepared, as well as the Gd complex of Hima. They have been characterized by IR, NMR, and UV spectroscopies, as well as mass spectrometry, and elemental analyses. All were consistent with the proposed tris(ligand)metal(lll) structure. The Al and Ga complexes of isomaltol have been studied by single crystal X-ray diffraction showing two out of the three ligands to be disordered. Solution equilibrium studies (0.15 M NaCl, 25°C) showed that Hpa is a better binder for the Group 13 metal ions than either Hima or Hahm.

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