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Ionization of gases by slow monoenergetic electrons Tung, Selena C. W.


Electron impact ionization is an important phenomenon touching many areas of science, and much research has been done over the years on various aspects of this process. Efforts to establish the precise variation of ionization cross section with energy were initiated in the early 1950's; however, severe disagreements between experimental data concerning fine structure observed in the electron impact ionization efficiency curves were reported from laboratory to laboratory. The work in this thesis has been largely devoted to establishing the credibility of the method of electron impact ionization by monoenergetic electron beam in the study of such fine structure. The design and construction of an apparatus to study the ionization of atoms and molecules by an electron beam of narrow energy width are described, and preliminary data on krypton and argon near the ionization threshold energies discussed. A sound basis has been laid for further development in this field.

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