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Downstream etching of indium phosphide and indium with hydrogen atoms and methyl radicals Aston, Mark Edward


The etching of indium phosphide and indium by H atoms and methyl radicals has been studied in a discharge flow system at temperatures between 25 and 300°C. The results indicate that the hydrogen atoms react with InP to produce In metal globules and PH₃(g) at temperatures greater than 160°C. Methyl radicals were not found to react with InP. However these radicals were found to react with indium metal and the globules that are produced in the reaction of hydrogen atoms with InP. Reactions were conducted by alternately etching with H atoms and then with CH₃ radicals. Rate constants for these reactions were determined at 300°C and these values were found to be consistent with the continuous etch rates observed for a mixture of H atoms and CH₃ radicals. The etched surfaces were studied by SEM, XPS and surface profilometry and their properties found to be consistent with the proposed mechanism for the reaction.

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