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Photoelectron spectroscopy of interhalogens, radicals and transient species Cornford, Alan B.


The design and construction of photoelectron spectrometers and high resolution (20-25 mv) electron energy analysers has enabled detailed study of molecular ionization potentials. Spectra of the ten diatomic halogens and interhalogens have either been observed by PES. or predicted and a complete account of the P E. data for the series is presented. I.P.'s of the polyatomic interhalogen fluoride series have been correlated with those of the xenon fluorides and evidence for MO contributions to the bonding is presented. Experimental methods of producing free radicals and transient species for P-E. detection are discussed. Evidence for P E spectra of the following is reported: O₂, NO, NO₂, NF₂, ClO₂, SO₃F, CH₃, (CF₃)₂NO, atomic O and I, CH₃, "hot" CO and HF, BrF and possibly XeF. The spectra are discussed in relation to similar molecules described in the literature, the spectra for which appear in the Appendix.

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