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Study of the quenching of O2 (1[Sigma]+g) Lakusta, Helen


A study of the quenching abilities of a series of compounds containing heavy atoms was undertaken to ascertain whether or not 0₂(¹Σ⁺[formula omitted]) quenching is subject to heavy atom enhancement. Presence of a heavy atom effect would suggest significant quenching via the 0₂(¹Σ⁺[formula omitted] → ³Σˉ[formula omitted]) transition. The fact that no such effect is observed supports the generally assumed quenching mode: 0₂(¹Σ⁺[formula omitted] → ¹Δ[formula omitted]). A systematic investigation of the use of overlap of absorption spectrum of quencher with emission spectrum of 0₂(¹Σ⁺[formula omitted]) to obtain calculated quenching rate constants was undertaken. The correlation between calculated and experimental rate constants are examined and shortcomings of the method are presented.

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