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Preparation, magnetic and spectral properties of some monoaniline and monopyridine adducts of substituted arylcarboxylates of copper (II). Landa , Benjamin


Monoaniline and monopyridine adducts of copper (II) ortho-methyl-, meta-methyl-, ortho-bromo-, and meta-bromobenzoate, and mono-aniline adducts of copper (II) ortho-chloro-, para-methyl-, and para-bromobenzoate were prepared. Magnetic susceptibility measurements of these compounds were made at room temperature on Gouy and Faraday apparatus. Variable temperature susceptibility measurements over the range 77 - 330°K were made employing a Gouy apparatus. Visible diffuse reflectance spectra as well as solution spectra of these compounds were also recorded. Molecular weight measurements could be obtained only for a few of the compounds because of their marked insolubility. Structure and bonding are discussed in the light of the results.

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