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Penning ionization electron spectroscopy of some atoms and molecules Stewart, William Brien


A comparative study has been made of Penning ionization (He*(2¹S) and He*(2³S)) and photoionization (He(584 Å)) of twenty-three atoms and molecules (Ar, Kr, Xe, H₂, HD, D₂, N₂, CO, NO, 0₂, C0₂, COS, CS₂, N₂0, S0₂, N0₂, NH₃, CH₃CI, CH₃Br, CH₃I, CH₄, C₂H₄ , C₂H₂) employing the techniques of high resolution electron spectroscopy. Electron spectra from mixed rare gas systems, at higher pressures, have also been examined and interpreted on the basis of fast neutral-neutral interactions.

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