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Mossbauer investigation of Fe 57 in Linde L Zeolite Wedd, Robert William James


Two independent Fe³⁺ species have been simultaneously introduced into Linde L zeolite. One is an exchanged Fe³⁺ species while the other is the molecular species FeCI₃, By simpIe outgassing at 573°K, the exchanged Fe³⁺ is reduced to Fe²⁺. By sweeping the system at 523°K with H₂, both species are converted to ferrous and, at 573°K, the exchanged species is reduced to Feº and the FeCI₃ is reduced to FeCI₂. Outgassing the latter system at 573°K oxidizes the Feº to Fe₂O₃ while the FeCI₂ remains intact. These valency changes were examined using Mössbauer Spectroscopy and, using this technique, a Morin transition appears to have been detected in the Feº species.

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