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Applications of multivariate methods to inductively coupled plasma optical emmission spectra Wirsz, Douglas Franklin


The utility of multivariate analysis methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex ICP optical emission spectra is shown. A photodiode array is used to collect data which are simplified to a low resolution (approx. 4 A) spectrum for a number of knowns and unknowns. The digitized spectra thus obtained are plotted as points in multivariate space (pattern space). The spectra of different elements appear in well defined regions of pattern space. Qualitative analysis is accomplished by methods of cluster analysis and factor analysis. Quantitative analysis is carried out using multidimensional working curves. The pattern space coordinate system is transformed to give axes corresponding directly to elemental concentrations, allowing direct simultaneous determination of elemental composition. The effect of line intensities, detector dynamic range, and matrix effects are also discussed.

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