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Syntheses and studies of some graphite and graphite flouride intercalation compounds Xia, Jun


The oxidative intercalation of S₂O₆F₂ into graphite ( SP-1 powder) in the gas phase has been studied. X-ray powder diffraction spectra shows that stage-1, stage-2 and stage-3 graphite fluorosulfates have been obtained. The compositions of these three compounds are C₇.₈SO₃F, C₁₅.₅SO₃F and C₂₄S0₃F according to gravimetry with the repeat space distances of 7.8lÅ, 11.08Å and 14.33Å respectively. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) has been extensively used to study some graphite acceptor intercalation compounds. Two effects have been observed, charge transfer leads to higher binding energy and Fermi Level shift to the lower binding energy relative to that of graphite. Graphite fluoride intercalation compounds of S₂O₆F₂, HSO₃F and HSO₃CF₃ have been synthesized by direct reactions. X-ray powder diffraction, XPS, IR, Raman and microanalysis have been employed to study these compounds. The results show that: A. There are some graphite islands in graphite fluorides, CF[formula omitted], when x

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